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For lunch yesterday, Adam came out to the city to visit me, and we trekked over to Uneeda Burger which had just opened. ┬áLocated in Fremont, it’s owned by the same people who brought us Quinn’s, home of one of the best burgers in Seattle, the 1/2 lb. Painted Hills burger. That being said, we had high expectations, and were excited at the prospect of a variety of different burgers here.

Housed in a former auto garage, they apparently kept part of the original name (Uneeda Auto & Boat Rebuild), and also kept a lot of the ‘garage’ feel to it, although updated and modernized. The decor is cute, and works here. Our only complaint with the location? We happened to be there on a cold, rainy day, and it was freezing inside, especially sitting on metal chairs! Hopefully this will be rectified with some heat in the interior space, because, ya… there tend to be a lot of cold, rainy days out here!

Anyway, on to the important stuff: the burgers. I ordered the classic, a 1/4 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, and ‘special sauce’, which I detected horseradish in. I subbed out the Painted Hills beef for the Whidbey Island Crescent Harbor Waguy grass-fed beef, which was an additional $3. The burger was cooked about medium (next time I’ll ask for it medium rare). The burger itself was quite tasty, juicy, and not overly greasy. Obviously I chose one of the simplest on the menu, which I found to be quite good, and a great deal at $4 (for the non wagyu version).

Adam had the Madame, which consisted of a 1/3 lb. Painted Hills beef burger with black forest ham, gruyere, dijon-mayo, truffled shoestring potatoes, and a sunny side up egg on toast. He seemed to quite enjoy it (any burger with an egg is okay in his book). I had a taste, and it was good… although I like the wagyu burger better, and it also had a bit too much going on in it flavor-wise for me.

Instead of fries, we split an order of the poutine, which was good. The waffle cut fries were excellent… well cooked, crispy, and flavorful. However, they got quite soggy once we got to the bottom, where a large pool of gravy/cheese had formed. The gravy was okay, but mixed with the cheese had a bit too much grit for me. Next time we’ll probably just get the waffle fries on their own.

Overall, a good experience, and we’ll be back to try some different items. Reportedly, they’ll ┬áhave different specials, which may include lamb, bison, and elk burgers. I’ll have to find out when the bison is available, as I LOVE a good bison burger. The regular menu also includes sandwiches, hot dogs, soups, salads, and shakes… but seriously, it’s all about the burgers here!

Cost: $$
4302 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 547-2600

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