Did anyone watch the tv show, Pushing Daisies? It was wonderful, but short lived. The main character (amongst having other unique talents) was a pie man, with a shop called “The Pie Hole”. Cute, eh? One day, his girlfriend had the idea of making mini pies, which she called “cup-pies”. I thought to myself, what a great idea.. maybe someone will bring it to life! And guess what? Someone has! Well, to be fair, I think there are actually two places in town that now serve mini pies. I have yet to try the other, as Pie was first on the list.

Having to be near downtown yesterday, I had the brilliant idea of taking a side trip to Fremont for Cuban sandwiches at Paseo (which I’ve been meaning to try), and then dessert afterwards at Pie. Well, the typical lack of parking, and a hungry, grumpy husband foiled those plans a bit. Paseo will have to wait (too long of a line, in the rain!). We did, however, get to Pie. Unfortunately for us, a sudden surge in popularity resulted in a lack of pies! We grabbed what they did have; one mini apple pie, and ‘mini mini’ pecan and PBJ pies.

The PBJ was, as Adam said, much like a peanut butter cookie with jam on top. Good, but it didn’t really scream “pie” to either one of us. The pecan, I thought, was much better. Nice, buttery crust. Nutty inside, more butter, and sweet, but not syrupy-sickeningly sweet, like pecan pie can seem to me at times. Really good.

Later, we cut open the apple pie. I had every good intention of taking a photo of the interior, which is stuffed with chunks of fresh apple. Of course, we ended up devouring the pie before I could even remember to get the camera out! It was quite good. Again, a nice, flaky, buttery crust, with tons of fresh, slightly tart, cinnamony apples inside. And it wasn’t overly sweet, either. Really good!

We’ll see if the mini pie craze takes off.. I think there’s plenty of room for both cupcakes, and cup-pies. I’m really anxious to try their berry and chocolate, as well as some of their savory pies. Next time we’re going early!

Cost: $
3515 Fremont Avenue, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 436-8590

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