Frost Doughnuts


I’m not much of a doughnut person, but when I see the words smoky-bacon-maple-bar put together, my interest is piqued! Off we drove one Sunday to Frost, about 20 minutes north of where we live. We exercised some self restraint, and ordered four doughnuts to share. The above is the aforementioned bacon maple bar, and it was quite good, with plenty of smoky bacon bits on top.

The others we had were the Aztec chocolate, salted caramel, and peanut butter perfection. The Aztec chocolate was really good, with a hint of pepper and cinnamon in it, and plenty of shaved chocolate on top. The salted caramel wasn’t as salty as I’d hoped.. it actually tasted the most like an ordinary doughnut to me, albeit a good one. Our hands down favorite, though? The peanut butter perfection. Think of one of those old fashioned jelly doughnuts, only with a whipped-creamy peanut buttery mousse inside. Yum!

Since then, we’ve been back to try several other donuts, all of which have been good. My favorite is still that peanut butter perfection… which they haven’t had since we first went! Guess we’ll have to keep going until they’re available again…

Cost: $
15421 Main Street, Suite 102, Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 379-2600
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