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Craving udon one night, we drove downtown to Rikki Rikki, not having heard much about it, or having done much research on the restaurant. What we found was a completely packed (and decent sized) restaurant, with quite an extensive menu! We ordered our usual spicy tuna roll to try, which was good, with plenty of fresh tuna and just the right amount of spice.

Adam also ordered the tofu beef sukiyaki, which was also good, although much soupier than I’m used to:

I ordered the tempura soba. The noodles were firm (which I like), and the broth slightly sweet, and boiling hot:

I ate the tempura separately as I hate getting my soup oily. Yes, I’m picky sometimes! The tempura was good, although definitely not the best I’ve had. Most of the pieces were fairly crispy, but one of the shrimps was quite soggy.

Overall, the food was good. Since it’s somewhat close to where we live, we’ll be back to check out some of the other menu items, and probably more of the sushi once the weather starts warming up!

Cost: $$
442 Parkplace, Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 828-0707
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