Having wanted to try Lecosho for awhile, and then noticing that if we went at a certain time on Sunday, we’d be able to hit both the Dine Around Seattle prix fixe menu, AND happy hour, guess where we went one Sunday?

Okay, so I messed up a bit, and forgot that happy hours are usually only in the bar area, and, oops, we were seated in the dining area. Our server was kind enough to make an exception for us, though. So, we ordered one 3 course meal, and several happy hour items. Here’s everything we noshed on:

Columbia City Bakery baguette with sea salt butter and house olive relish:

Really good bread, with really good, oily olive relish. I could’ve eaten that relish with a spoon on its own (and almost did)!

House green salad with soft boiled egg, baguette crisps, and house cornichon-mustard vinaigrette:

I loved the dressing on this salad! I didn’t detect too much tartness, as the mustard was definitely prominent. Combined with fresh greens, crisp bread, and runny egg, this was one incredible salad!

Olives and marcona almonds:

Simple, and really good. I’m not sure what kind of olives those wrinkly black ones were, but they were delicious!

Aqvavit cured pork belly rillettes with mustard and pickled radish:

Okay, NOW the meat started coming out. At first glance, I thought the rillette looked a bit.. errm… unappetizing. But wow, was it delicious! Served cold, the meat was tender, and incredibly flavorful. I had to remove a bit of the lard (just couldn’t bring myself to eat all of it!), but it was still great. One of my two favorite dishes of the night.

Lamb sausage-stuffed grape leaves with tzatziki and pickled cucumbers:

This was good, flavorful, and quite nice with the tzatziki sauce.

Carlton Farms pork chop with potato-parsnip puree and beets:

My other favorite dish of the night. Anyone who knows me would be a bit shocked.. as I’m not normally a huge pork fan. But this pork chop was SO tasty and tender… I’d definitely order this again.

Grilled house made sausage with soft boiled egg and lentils:

Quite a good sausage, and those lentils were extra tasty (almost a bit too salty for me, though)!

Spaetzle with brown butter and pecorino romano:

Like a really good twist on mac and cheese, this dish was simple, comforting, and really, really good!

Bittersweet chocolate flourless torte:

By the time dessert came, we were both incredibly stuffed, and wondering how we’d eat this! Thankfully, the torte was much lighter than it looked, with a nice, crisp outer shell. And also, thankfully, that dollop in front of it was whipped cream, not ice cream!

Overall, one of the better meals I’ve had in Seattle. Everything was good, and some of the items (rillette, pork chop) were outstanding. We’ll definitely be back!

Cost: $$
89 University Street, Seattle, WA 9101
(206) 623-2101

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