I have to admit, I’m not a huge Michael Mina fan, although the two restaurants of his that we’ve been to in Las Vegas were good. Of course, now that he’s ventured into the Pacific Northwest, I wanted to see and try his place here. RN74 is pretty nice inside. Modern, with a chic yet casual feel to it. I liked the train station board-turned wine list, which indeed changes everytime one of the wines on the list sells out. Noisy, but neat!

As for the food? Here’s what we tried:

Liberty Farms duck breast with swiss chard and cherries:
Adam’s entree of choice was a good one. the duck was mild, tender, and quite tasty!

Bluebird Grain Farms farro:
A side to the duck breast, this was quite good. Rich, and cooked enough, but not overcooked. And the flavor was incredible!

Painted Hills beef bourguignon with maitake mushrooms and pommes rissolees:
My entree of choice, and another good one. The beef was ridiculously tender, with just the right amount of fat interlaced. It also wasn’t overly seasoned, which I liked. I want to be able to taste the beef!

Espelette creamed corn:
An extra side dish we chose, and I loved this version of creamed corn! It was slightly chopped up, but still had plenty of crunchy texture, and just enough cream and sweetness. Really delicious.

For dessert, we shared the hand cut beignets with salted caramel and Macallan 12 butterscoth pudding. The beignets were fluffy and warm, and that pudding definitely had a bite to it! Sweet, and a nice ending to quite a nice meal.

I would definitely return to RN74 to try more of their menu items. Even though we went a couple of weeks after they opened, the service was great, and everything seemed to be working like clockwork during our visit. Adam even had a slight complaint about his wine choice, and the waiter promptly replaced it with something much more to his liking.


Cost: $$$
1433 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 456-7474

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